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Door Weather Seals

12/03/2014 Back To Blog

 - For those living in inclement climatic conditions, door weather seals are a necessity. They keep the heat and cold inside or outside depending on the room temperature that you are aiming for. In so doing, these accessories help to keep the energy bills low and are therefore very attractive to modern consumers particularly with younger generations. The seals also act as a barrier to the dust and dirt that can make the garage very difficult to maintain. There are many configurations of weather stripping and therefore there is no one size that fits all. Moreover, it is possible to select a design that is more in keeping with the general aesthetics of the property. The material can be used as a seal around dock levelers, bottoms, headers, jambs, thresholds, and even in between doors. The best material to use includes polypropylene and nylon. There is a PVC blade product that is designed for the heavy duty usage.

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