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Energy Efficient Amarr Doors

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Energy Efficient Amarr DoorsAmarr Invests in Energy Efficiency

Respecting the natural environment is one of the first priorities of Amarr. The teams at “Garage Door Repair Hilshire Village” share the same eco ideas and respect the effort of Amarr to use natural resources, recycled materials and an eco-friendly approach in the construction of garage doors. These initiatives are great for the environment AND for your pocket. Amarr helps people save energy by offering great insulated doors and by having patented parts which play a great role in their high energy efficiency. At the end of the day, everybody is happy. Consumers enjoy better indoor temperatures, materials are not wasted but reused for other applications, and mother earth is kept green as ever.

Green garage doors by Amarr

Amarr offers excellent green doors. It provides steel doors with double or even triple layers with excellent insulated materials. Polystyrene foam is made by recycled materials and there are r-value choices for all needs. This way, your garage will be properly insulated and so will every adjacent part of the house. Your energy bills will be reduced and the temperatures will be ideal and it's important to know that the insulation materials are environmentally friendly products, too. PVC is used for the bottom seal and all weather strips since it insulates 62% better than wood would.

Steel is recycled. 90% of the production by Amarr is based on the use of recycle steel. Any waste produced during manufacturing is still recycled. Aluminum is also recycled and reused for the production of garage door parts. As an overall, Amarr strives to eliminate waste of any material and recycles everything. It has minimized packaging to reduce waste by packaging new products enough to be protected but without having a negative impact on the environment.

The unique patented components by Amarr mainly aim to safe guard people and help them avoid injuries. Though, extra emphasis has been given to the extra insulation of the door by installing thermal seal in between the sections of the panel for the avoidance of drafts finding a way into the garage. With extra attention on the smallest sections of the door and its high insulation with recycled and high r-value materials, energy efficiency is guaranteed. The efforts to minimize energy consumption either at your home or during the manufacturing and transportation processes never stop. With fewer trucks in the road, use of rail transportation and recycled goods, Amarr makes the impossible possible. The impact on your daily life, wallet and Mother Nature is strong and, this time, positive. If you want an Amarr green door, don't hesitate to ask for more details!

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