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What Makes Single Panel Doors Great

05/23/2016 Back To Blog

The single panel overhead door

The single panel door, or one-piece door, fits into the residential garage family of overhead doors. That being said, the single panel door design has been around for a very long time. While one hefty panel may have had its limitations thanks to weight and bulk, the single panel door kept finding its way on to garages. One of the beneficial characteristics of the single panel door has always been home security. Solid wood single panels were always good at keeping burglars out. And, that sense of security has translated well into the 21st century even though most overhead doors don’t rely on wood as a primary material.What Makes Single Panel Doors Great

Solid garage door parts

One of the major differences between a sectional door and a single panel door, begin with the ability to form a tight seal. Garage doors are doors after all. Single pieces doors tend to keep more air from breaking through during windstorms and foul weather. That can make single piece doors a little bit more energy efficient. But, there’s always something that gets in the way of a perfectly good door. Single panel doors often require a full on garage door replacement, which can leave you between a few big dents and a rough spot. Depending on the material the door is made out of, a patch repair can always be made. However, a severely damaged portion of a one-piece door tends to have one answer. On the bright side, the added sense of security and weather proofing are reasons enough to say that the single panel door is a great door. 

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